Customer reviews

The tab Customer reviews, is where we can see customer reviews and manage their intake.


By default, customers are not prompted to add reviews - you need to enable this option.

Customer reviews


Here is a list of the available options with a brief explanation.

Enable customer feedback

Specifies whether the customer will receive an email, asking them to add feedback about the order. The email is sent 2 days after the order status is changed to Fulfilled. The customer has 10 days to give their feedback. After this time, the URL used to add feedback becomes invalid.

Enable notification of new feedback

Specifies whether we get an email notification that a customer has added a review.

Customer reviews

The basic information we find here is:

  • Order number

  • Customer rating (scale of 1 to 5)

  • Customer comment (optional)

  • Date of feedback

We also have the option to delete reviews.