Delivery settings

The tab Delivery settings, is where we can set the delivery methods we want to offer to our customers. to your customers. By default, such options are added as: Personal pickup, and Courier.

delivery options panel

Delivery settings are very flexible, as they allow you to define the available delivery options almost freely.

We set the price and the data that will be required for a given delivery method ourselves. This makes it so that even if the default settings are not sufficient, we can easily create another delivery method with such options that will be best for us.

edit delivery channel

By default, the 3 main delivery channels we mentioned above are prepared, but with a distinction between deliveries With and without online payment. This makes as many as 6 delivery methods to start with.

At first, however, only the personal pickup options are active. If you decide to offer delivery via the Inpost parcel service, Parcel on the Move or courier, then you need to activate the corresponding delivery channel yourself. Remember, that you can also customize the delivery price list according to your own needs and capabilities.

Available options

Here is a list of available options with a brief explanation.


Specifies the name for the delivery/payment method the customer will see.


Specifies the time it takes for delivery or hours to pick up the order.


Determines the price that will be added to the order.


Determines whether the delivery option is available to the customer.

Note, however, that setting the status to “Active” will not always result in the availability of the given delivery method. In some cases, the delivery channel may be inactive, for example, because the following are disabled online payments or because online payments are required. In this case, the status will be listed in gray color.

Address data

Determines whether address details are required for order relization.


Determines whether the phone number is required to relization of the order.

Email address

Specifies whether an email address is required to relist the order.

Pickup point

Determines whether the customer will be able to select the point for the “Parcel Post InPost” or “Parcel in Motion” service to which the shipment will be sent.

Online payment

Determines whether online payment will be required for the order.